Sabtu, 09 November 2013

kitchen design an ecological home

Being the kitchen stays one of the most widely used home , design it organically in the future will save us both time and money .

The kitchen is an important room of the house. In general it is where the family spends more time and more energy is consumed . If we think of the environment when designing it , we may be more expensive but in the long run , save money and what we notice in health.

The kitchen as the center of home

Many families ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen. There also is usual to have most of the appliances and even do laundry utensils . The kitchen is probably the room in the house that takes more budget.

If we start from scratch a kitchen , we must consider several things to make ecological and profitable to the family :

    Use paints and varnishes that contain no toxins. These are called VOC free . If you have kids especially appreciate in the future.
    Using organic materials for flooring and furniture. As linoleum , wood, cork ... also are fashionable and give a more natural home.
    Appliances. When purchasing family must choose the class A + + . May be carried at a little more of the household budget , but we will save .
    Windows and doors . We buy insulators. Keep in mind that if the windows are quality , the extractors work best , and the furnace temperature was maintained more easily , saving on the heating bill .
    Faucets . We must choose disfusores water faucets that will also lower our bill.

The whole family , and especially if we have children , make responsible use of the kitchen. Close faucets, close lights, appliances , doors and windows , in short , do not waste energy. Gradually, we will offset our investment.